ninjatek: Welcome to Nitroslots forum, chv1962! Best bet is to send PM (personal message) through the forum messaging. Click some of the logos below to go to links of other casters. Bondoman2K link is 'Lone Star Racing & Resins'. Dec 25, 2013 21:12:01 GMT -7
chv1962: Thanks for the info. Dec 26, 2013 21:16:51 GMT -7
nosubfor3: Just saw this on the bay. Jan 13, 2014 14:52:15 GMT -7
Phantom B.S.E.: The Super Nationals at Atco Dragway almost has enough N/FC's entered for an old school 32 car field. :) Jan 22, 2014 14:19:39 GMT -7 *
Doug412: Good show for your first one, Phantom B.S.E. Congrats to all the winners!! 412 Racing will be busy get ready for the next one now.... Race On! Feb 9, 2014 4:05:12 GMT -7
greg: how do i post a pic so i can showcase Mar 6, 2014 18:16:15 GMT -7
jjwallace: greg you have a pm. Mar 7, 2014 21:05:54 GMT -7
punkinsrock: Did TSS Hobbies actually move to Monroe? If so are they still into slotcar racing? Mar 10, 2014 7:18:33 GMT -7
ninjatek: According to their website they have moved. Looks as if their main concentration is RC cars. Mar 10, 2014 20:14:03 GMT -7
007: And the correct length is 30.6 Mar 11, 2014 21:24:13 GMT -7
tech: does any body know good pictures of wheelie bars Mar 29, 2014 18:55:04 GMT -7
ninjatek: See this link for 4-gear wheelie bar tutorial Mar 30, 2014 12:47:07 GMT -7
79malibu: no atco was the first race this year for n/fc and tom is a friend of mine and helps me on my cars Apr 25, 2014 18:38:18 GMT -7
asphaltrods: who make a tachometer for ho 1/64 drag cars Jun 1, 2014 17:35:40 GMT -7
Eagle Racing: asphaltrods I use a laser tach. They can be purchased on ebay. At least that is where I got mine. Jun 3, 2014 15:07:02 GMT -7
asphaltrods: thank you eagle racing Jun 16, 2014 21:17:17 GMT -7
dave632: Jun 20, 2014 13:51:10 GMT -7 *
dave632: I was able to get 1/8 mile track times with the new setup so I have some idea as to how they should perform. The 57 Chevy whipped the Caddy pretty bad. Dark color was all I had time to do. They did look a little sinister that way however. Oct 10, 2014 21:22:58 GMT -7 *
dave632: Thanks for the loan of the hauler. Mine is in the shop, seems my cat sat on it and flattened it. He needs to go on a diet!!! Oct 13, 2014 8:08:16 GMT -7
dave632: That is the reason I removed 6 huge trees that were around my house. My neighbor who is a realtor said I would lose value. Bull, I was a real estate appraiser and I never added value for trees. If anything I would take away value for to much vegetation. Oct 13, 2014 10:29:42 GMT -7