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    by ecbill
    jjwallace Avatar
     Nitroslots members..........
    There are 28 days till the Bear Creek Dragway Ultimate Team Challenge.
    Less than that in tuning time. We are running a little light on the Manufacture Challenge sign up list right now. Still plenty of time to get out those stock inlines and put a tune on them. This is a team event, but all you need to do is send them to North Texas with your favorite Musclecar or Tuner body on top. The rest will be done here. It will be a fun event for bragging rights and maybe a little friendly smack talk. We really need some more cars in the field, so if you haven't raced with us before.....or even if you have, this will be a good one to get in on. We always do it up here at the Creek and this one will be no different. Cars will need to be here by Thursday June 22. That's when the qualifying will start.

    The 3rd Kiwi Challenge will also be running that weekend and this looks to be a heated meeting. New Zealand took the crown home with them last year, but it came down to a run off between the top dogs from each Team. Grant from N.Z. and Eagle Racing from Nitroslots. Grant's Freightliner Funny Car was a rocketship all weekend! The first Kiwi Challenge ended in a tie. There will be no more ties! The Nitroslots racers are eager to get the crown back this time.

    Also running at this event will be the 9th running of the Pro Street Outlaws along with 2nd meeting of the newly formed Four Gear Outlaws. This is list racing at it's best based on the TV show Street Outlaws. Dave632 sits atop the PSO list with his "Rebel Nomad". He has been pretty dominate since entering the list last year but has Nosubfor3's "Blue Silk" hot on his heels. PSO rules can be found at the top of the forum page. Just click the PSO banner. Build a car and join the Shark Pool for a chance at the #10 spot. 

    Four Gear Outlaws #1 spot is currently held by Ecbill's Charger....I'm gonna call it the "Blue Streak", but JJ's "Leihua's Rose" Tbird is chomping at the bit to knock the Mopar from the throne. Same applies here as with PSO. All rules can be found at the top of the forum page. Just click the 4GO banner. We would love to have everyone here at Bear Creek for this Summer event. New timing system and power supplies are up and running! Look forward to seeing YOU here on June 22!

    Blue Streak is a pretty cool name for the Charger.  I've been referring to it as the General since its a retired Ideal General Lee body, pulled out of the slot car junk yard, with busted windshield pillars.  Cooter put a pretty strong motor in that one.  Yeeha!

    by jjwallace
    Thanks Rick......you have been added to the Chrysler list.
    by hairycanary
    Jeff can you please put me down for one in the Manufactures Race. Put me down on the Mopar list since there's a shortage of Mopars. I've only taken inlines apart never had to put one back together yet. See what happens.

    Thanks Rick
    by jjwallace
    OK Nitroslots........It's heating up in New Zealand. Word has it they got together this weekend for some test and tune to get ready for the trip to the States. 4 gear track record was reset and as far as I know, that number was .999ET. Now it is somewhere below that. At the last Kiwi Challenge 2 the fastest N.Z. car ran .948ET @18v for fastest ET at the event. That same car set the track record at Bear Creek Dragway @ .986ET and was able to back that up.  Anyway guys and gals......New Zealand is coming and we better be ready.....'cause they ain't messing around! :)  OH YEA!!

    Here's the link to the Kiwi test and tune if you want to get a look at the cars.

    by jjwallace
    Right on Dave and New Zealand racers! Love the pit boxes. I really appreciate your guys and gals interest in the event. Looking forward to doing the Kiwi Challenge a 3rd time. The Manufacturers Challenge will be a first for Bear Creek Dragway and should be lots of fun. Many....many passes will be made down the strip that weekend. Oh.....that red Impala/Biscayne is a beauty!


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