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NTRA OUTLAWS Top 10 Current List Standings by SKR

Pro Street Outlaw as of 05/15/2019

1. Gnome,  Charger "Grimace"   
2. Dave632, 57 Vette "Rebel 2"
3.JJWallace, Mustang  "Dream Crusher"  
4.Mazda, 55 Chevy Nomad
5..Ecbill, Corvette "Steeler" 
6.Kstocks, Mustang  "Wicked One" 
7. Nosubfor3, Corvette  "Blue Silk"
8. Hairy Canary,  Vette "Vicious"
9. Hilltop, 55 Chevy  "Grady" 
10. KiwiDave, Cuda "Villian" 

Four Gear Outlaw as of 05/15/2019

1. Hairy Canary,  Willys "Aces Wild" (defended)
2. Gnome, Monza "Dreamcycle" 
3. JJWallace,  Chevy Pickup 
4. Dave632,  Camaro "Jungle Jim"
5. ECBill, Charger "Blue Streak" 
6. GTS, Chevelle  "Draggin Waggin"
7. Nosubfor3, 57 Chevy  "Purple Haze" 
8. KiwiDave, Thunderbird  "KD Racing" 
9. Eagle, Racing Daytona Charger  "Sinister" 
10. Mazda, Nova "Texas Drifter" 


Recent Posts

by dave632
The Mods are allowed mean green, better mags, Ceramic or Poly mags, + silifoams?
1.6 for a stock t jet is flying in the 1/4. There must be some changes allowed.
I think I have a set of Als rules around will have to look at them.
by dave632
Wow Bill, I should say you have me beat. Nice collection of the nicest Vette.
by ecbill
Here are a few pics of my used Vette lot.  All are there except the ones in my race box.  You guys have seen plenty of them.

No duplicates in this lot.  I do have duplicates of a few of them, for selling, trading or customizing.
by 79malibu
Thanks Dave can you build these for me? I want to run with al pinks group in pa. The stock ones have to be stock skinny tires just good running and the mods are mean greens good mags silly’s let me know I had a stock they running 1.6 in the quarter.
by dave632
Welcome back.