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  • 1. Dave632 "Rebel Nomad"
  • 2. Angry Jeff "Dream Crusher"
  • 3. Nosubfor3 "Blue Silk"
  • 4. SKR "Slayer"
  • 5. ecbill
  • 6. Eagle Racing "Snake Eyes"
  • 7. 79Malibu
  • 8. Kiwi Dave "Villian"
  • 9. HillTop "Grady"
  • 10. Gymi
  • 4-GEAR OUTLAWS Top 10 List

  • 1. SKR "Rattler" Nova
  • 2. JJWallace "Spellbound" Biscayne
  • 3. Ecbill Charger
  • 4. Nosubfor3 "Purple Haze" '57 Chevy
  • 5. Dave632 "Jungle Jim" Camaro
  • 6. Jim Russell NTB Pontiac
  • 7. Eagle Racing "Sinister" Daytona
  • 8. Hairy Canary "Jokers Wild" Willys
  • 9. Hilltop Comp Cams Camaro
  • 10. Kiwdave "Kiwidave" Thunderbird
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    by dave632
    I do not know the actual ratings but I am sure the Street Outlaws shows ratings are much better than the NHRA drag racing shows.
    by jimrussell
    Cars from last 2 races made it back home. Thanks to all the sponsors who stepped up, please remember them when buying your parts.
    by kiwidave
    I liked how the Street Outlaws guys kinda gave the NHRA the big finger!!!
    by Gymi
    Never been a fan of Richard Rawlings, how Aaron stayed around that guy for so long is beyond me. I loved seeing those guys put that Pontiac together in eight days and put all that money on the trailer. I liked how Chief gave R.R. the cold shoulder, he deserves no respect.
    by dave632
    I did not use my fastest 3G cars since my selection of 4Gs is so slim. The margin would have been bigger if I used my fastest. The 57 Nomad has recorded times as low as .550 on my track when it is in a good mood.
    It was a good comparison as we all knew there was a difference but I have never saw a direct comparison.


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